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Our New Facial & Body Care Menu

Introducing Senteales it represents the culmination of research in aromatheraphy & herbal medicine, the perfect balance between the benefits offered by nature and the most recent discoveries. By natural creating exceptional treatments, we put the virtues of plants at the service of beauty and well being


Ocean Mask

Brown seaweed extract improves hydration and skin elasticity.

Duration: Add ons / 30 mins
AED 120


Escale Vitalite

Anti-aging & Sensitive skin

A gentle treatment that meets the needs of skin showing signs of aging. Skin is left firmer, calm & supple.

Duration: 75 mins
AED 650


Escale Detox

Dull and tired skin, long nights without sleep, Acne prone skin and to remove the wrinkles and fine lines.

Duration: 50 mins
AED 500


Silhouette Stopover

A manual massage technique
to reshape the silhouette and fight against all types of cellulite. The objective to reduce lipids (fat)
water and centimeters. Incorporating 4 actions performed together: Exfoliate, smooth, drain and tone (firmness).

Duration: 60 mins

AED 555

White Purple Fern Leaves Facial & Spa Beauty Logo.png

Light As A Feather Stopover

Prolonged standing, sitting, or simply heat weighs down
the legs and gives a feeling of discomfort.
This care of the legs will stimulate the

lymphatic and blood circulation to alleviate the sensations
of heavy legs.
This manual treatment combining modeling and cryo gel
application will bring the desired lightness to heavy & tired

Duration: 45 mins

AED 555


All our Spa treatments are also available
as gift vouchers

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